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 I am proud to be running with my colleague on the Appellate Court, Justice Lance Peterson. We share a passion for the law and for upholding the rights of every citizen.

To learn more about Lance, click on his picture below.

Together, we ask for your vote in 2024.

Meet the Justices

Justices Linda Davenport and Lance Peterson, both currently serve on the 3rd District Appellate Court of Illinois. Both of them were unanimously appointed to serve by the Illinois Supreme Court Justices, and they are now  running for election to continue to serve the citizens of Illinois' Third Appellate District.

Did you know that the vast majority of trial cases that get appealed go to and end with the Appellate Court? (Only a very small select group of cases are ever heard by the Illinois Supreme Court.) Cases that affect every one of us get decided in the Appellate Court.  Often, the decisions in these cases affect our everyday lives! We need judges with a wealth of experience making these decisions.

Together, Linda and Lance have spent over 100 years in the legal field,  with over 50 of those years spent as Judges. That's exactly the breadth and depth of experience that is required to serve the public effectively. 

The 3rd District Appellate Court is located in Ottawa and hears cases appealed from trial courts in 7 counties (Bureau, DuPage, Grundy, Iroquois, Kankakee, LaSalle and Will). Voters in these 7 counties will have the opportunity to vote for these outstanding, respected, and experienced jurists in November of 2024.

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